Willis-Knighton Provides Needed Assistance in Aftermath of Hurricane Laura

Sep 01, 2020

With 98 percent of the city of Ruston without power after Hurricane Laura’s assault on Louisiana, Willis-Knighton Health System responded to a request for assistance from Willis-Knighton Cardiology’s Ruston clinic.

On Sunday morning Brian Crawford, chief administrative officer for the health system, and staff from Willis-Knighton’s materials management department drove to Ruston to deliver 8 pallets of bottled water (672 cases), and 800 assorted snack items. All the snacks and half the water were delivered to the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Ruston, and the remaining water was delivered to the City of Ruston.  

“We are a not-for-profit organization that welcomes every opportunity to give back to our community and surrounding areas,” Crawford says. “We have a tithe-the-bottom line philosophy of giving, believing it is our responsibility to improve not just the health but the quality of life of the people we serve. With the challenges the hurricane has brought to our area, Willis-Knighton once again had the opportunity to put our mission into action and show the community Willis-Knighton is always here for our citizens and those in surrounding communities.”  

Ruston City Planner John Waltz and Assistant Public Works Director Andrew Halbrook say they are not surprised by Willis-Knighton’s generosity. “It goes to show that Shreveport, and Willis-Knighton in particular, is there for its neighbors who are suffering,” Waltz says.

Adds Halbrook: “Personally, I am extremely grateful as are all the contractors and those working to restore services to Willis-Knighton for the outpouring of love and support that is shown through donations like this. It keeps us motivated and able to keep going.”


Brian Crawford (left), chief administrative officer for Willis-Knighton, delivers water and snacks to John Waltz, with the City of Ruston.