Willis-Knighton Health System Offers Innovative ROSA® Knee Robotic System for Total Knee Replacement

Nov 12, 2020

Willis-Knighton Health System has become the first health system in North Louisiana to offer new technology to treat one of the most commonly performed elective surgical procedures in the United States.

ROSA® Knee Robotic System, developed by Zimmer Biomet, brings together robotic technology with data and industry-leading knee implants to help surgeons optimize accuracy and efficiency when planning and performing total knee replacement procedures.

“The ROSA Knee Robotic System is designed to support the accuracy of implant placement by using data collected before and during surgery to provide details related to a patient’s unique anatomy that may affect their implant fit,” says John Mays, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Bossier Orthopedics, who is the first doctor at Willis-Knighton to offer this technology.

The patient’s unique anatomy is uploaded into the ROSA Knee System and guides the surgeon throughout the procedure so he or she can stay on plan. During and after the procedure,  the robotic system provides data that supports the surgeon to make decisions based upon the surgical plan and what happens intraoperatively.  

Owners of iPhones can receive an additional benefit. The ROSA Knee Robotic System can incorporate Zimmer Biomet’s mymobility®  app on an Apple Watch® wearable wrist band. With data from the Apple Watch, surgeons can monitor patient activity levels throughout the days and weeks while they are preparing and recovering from surgery. The app captures the data from patients and shares it with their doctors so they can understand their condition and take an active role in their care.

“The decision to have a joint replacement is sometimes difficult to make,” Dr. Mays acknowledges. “The ROSA Knee System allows for my patients to feel at ease, having robotic support during the procedure so I can manage my patient outcomes more efficiently.”

“We are excited to be the first health system in our region to pioneer the use of this innovative technology for robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery,” says James K. Elrod, president and CEO.  “Willis-Knighton Health System continues to make advancements in orthopedic care, furthering our focus to provide high-quality patient-centered care.”