Willis-Knighton Cancer Center Instrumental in Development of New Imaging System

Apr 28, 2021

Willis-Knighton Cancer Center has treated the first cancer patients in the world using the Accuray’s Radixact System and ClearRT imaging, integrated helical radiation delivery and imaging systems. The medical care team at the Cancer Center has more than 18 years experience treating patients with the TomoTherapy System and recently upgraded to the Radixact System, the next-generation TomoTherapy platform.

The ClearRt imaging modality generated clear, high-fidelity images that improved the Willis-Knighton team’s ability to see the tumor and surrounding healthy tissues and deliver the treatment plan with more confidence and precision.

“At Willis-Knighton, we have always tried to introduce next-generation radiotherapy technology. The Radixact System with ClearRT has the potential to change clinical practice,” says Lane R. Rosen, MD, director of radiation oncology at Willis-Knighton Cancer Center. “The ClearRT daily targeting images exceeded our expectations and provided noticeably superior image quality compared to more traditional cone-beam CT available on conventional linear accelerators.

Dr. Rosen says the new imaging technology will improve the care healthcare providers can provide cancer patients by offering the doctors better visualization of tumors and allowing them to use adaptive therapy, a refined way of adjusting treatment to respond to changes in a tumor as well as a patient’s anatomy.

“We are proud to partner with Dr. Rosen and the Willis-Knighton team, who were instrumental in the development of ClearRT imaging for the Radixact System,” says Suzanne Winter, chief commercial officer and senior vice president at R&D at Accuray.  The reaction to this innovative fan-beam imaging technology has been extremely positive, and we look forward to making it more broadly available to medical care teams around the world.”