First TECNIS Synergy Intraocular Lens Implanted at WK Bossier Health Center

Jul 02, 2021

TECNIS Synergy Intraocular LensThe Ambulatory Surgery Center in the WK Bossier Medical Pavilion was the site for a first for North Louisiana. A patient there was the first to receive the new TECNIS Synergy intraocular lens during routine cataract surgery . The procedure was performed by ophthalmologist Thomas A. Planchard, MD, of Planchard Eye and Laser Center. 

The Synergy lens is one of the first IOLs to provide cataract patients uninterrupted, full-range vision, giving them lifelong freedom from contact lenses and glasses. The lens is designed with technology that provides improved contrast sensitivity, visual acuity, and depth perception, all of which play a role in a patient’s daily routine.

“The TECNIS Synergy lens offers the opportunity to experience excellent outcomes and provides more choices for patients and surgeons,” says Stacie Inderbitzin, RN, Pavilion surgery head nurse.  “We are excited to add it to our continuously growing eye program at WK Bossier Medical Pavilion.”

Cataracts are a natural part of aging and develop slowly, causing cloudy vision, loss of color perception and difficulty reading or driving at night. Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide, impacting more than 100 million eyes, with more than 90 percent of people developing cataracts by the age of 65. Cataract surgery is performed to remove the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens implant, or IOL.

“The ultimate benefit of the TECNIS Synergy lens is allowing patients to return to lifestyles that poor vision would not allow, such as reading and playing sports. The technology brings us closer to providing full range vision to all people,” Dr. Planchard says.