Willis-Knighton Health System Begins Major Renovation of Labor & Delivery Unit

Sep 10, 2021

The NestA more than $2.5 million phased program of renovations is underway at Willis-Knighton Health System that will bring The Nest to the health system’s three birthing locations: WK Pierremont Health Center, Willis-Knighton South & The Center for Women’s Health, and WK Bossier Health Center.

The Nest, a comprehensive approach to pregnancy, delivery and the parenting experience, premieres at WK Pierremont Health Center in early 2022, and will follow at the other locations. After a year of patient focused studies and with input from experienced obstetricians and labor and delivery staff, the health system selected TEG Architects, an internationally known hospital planning and design firm, for the project.

The new Nest environment will offer quality healthcare services and amenities designed for mothers-to-be, who will find a cohesive design, atmosphere and approach to childbirth, no matter which location they choose. Family friendly rooms, designed for labor, delivery and recovery, will be spacious and comfortable with a private residential style. Relaxing colors, subtle and soft lighting, comfortable furnishings, specialized birthing beds and HALO® BassiNEST® for baby will add to the homelike environment.

Each room will include a charging station for personal devices, a table for computer, games or snacks and en suite bathroom with a glassed-in shower, glass tiles, solid surface vanity, down-lighting, built in hair dryer, spa robe and luxury towels.

Patients will also enjoy a complimentary gourmet meal for two following delivery and can also order from The Nest spa menu throughout their stay.

Focusing on Willis-Knighton’s local connections, art and photography from local artisans will be featured in patient rooms and nursery as well as throughout the unit and waiting area.

“The Nest reflects comfort and safety and the promise of new life,” says Claire Rebouche, vice president of quality and clinical performance. “The name encompasses the new birthing experience at Willis-Knighton and the continued support mothers receive from doctors and staff.”

Rebouche, who has been involved in maternity care throughout her career at Willis-Knighton, notes that the growth of the labor and delivery has been tremendous since 1989 when the Center for Women’s Health opened at Willis-Knighton South.

Obstetricians who deliver at Willis-Knighton can be identified at the health system’s website, wkhs.com.

OBGYN Concepts

Saimah Taluker, MD, of WK OB-GYN Concepts, looks over plans for the renovation of Willis-Knighton’s labor and delivery unit.

Pierremont OBGYN

Physicians at WK Pierremont OB-GYN Specialists check out the progress being made on the renovation of the labor and delivery unit at WK Pierremont Health Center.

Nest Nursery

Custom art and photography from local artists is displayed throughout the unit, including the nursery.

Nest Bathroom

En suite bathroom features include solid surface vanity, down-lighting, built-in hairdryer, spa robe and luxury towels.

Nest Bathroom

En suite bathroom features include glassed-in shower, glass tiles and many extras.

Nest LDF

Patient rooms are designed for labor/delivery/recovery and are created to be comfortable, calming and family friendly.

Nest LDR