Willis-Knighton Opens WK Stockwell Medical Plaza in Bossier

Oct 28, 2021

Willis-Knighton Health System opens its second suburban health clinic in north Bossier Parish on Monday, Nov. 1, with the addition of WK Stockwell Medical Plaza, 5751 Shed Road.  The medical plaza is the latest in a new healthcare model by Willis-Knighton that combines WK Quick Care with WK Physician Network clinics and diagnostic services that can be ordered by any Willis-Knighton physician.

“We are excited to be opening our new, and second of three planned, Physician Network and Quick Care clinics in one of Louisiana’s fastest growing parishes,” says Jaf Fielder, Willis-Knighton president and CEO. 

WK Palmetto Health Park opened off Palmetto Road in Benton earlier this year, and the health system has two additional suburban health centers under construction that will open in the coming months, Swan Lake in Bossier City and Northwood in Blanchard.

With the opening of WK Stockwell Medical Plaza, “Willis-Knighton continues to keep pace with the healthcare needs of one of Louisiana’s fastest growing parishes, creating more convenient and accessible medical choices right in area neighborhoods,” Fielder says. These strategically placed clinics that combine family medicine with medical subspecialities, a diagnostic center, and Quick Care allow residents to receive healthcare when and where they want it – close to home and with or without an appointment.

“It’s a new concept in today’s healthcare environment that has been overwhelmingly received by our patients,” Fielder says. “Willis-Knighton is proud to lead the way and bring these and future clinics to the community.”

WK Stockwell Medical Plaza includes WK Stockwell Family Practice, with Christie Maranto, FNP, offering primary care for all ages Monday through Friday. Available on select days will be Allen L. Cox, MD, Sanjay Shah, MD, and Ted Warren, MD, of Louisiana Family Practice, and Jennifer Kelley, MD, Cheynita Metoyer, MD, and Jessica Anderson, NP, of Internal Medicine & Pediatric Specialists. John Winterton, MD, of Pierremont Cardiology, will offer consultations by appointment.