Doctors Perform First Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery at Willis-Knighton

Jan 31, 2022

Matthew I. Hefner, MD, neurosurgeon at WK Precision Neurosurgery in Bossier City, has performed the first endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery in Bossier and the first at Willis-Knighton Health System.  He was assisted by Patrick Lavo, MD, of WK Bossier ENT & Allergy. The procedure was performed at WK Bossier Health Center. Both doctors and their practices are part of the Willis-Knighton Physician network.

Endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery is a minimally invasive option used to remove pituitary tumors and lesions. It involves the collaboration between a neurosurgeon and an ENT specialist who has specific training in endoscopic sinus surgery, with access to highly specialized technology and surgical staff, like those available at Willis-Knighton.

During the procedure, Dr. Lavo inserted an endoscope – a thin, rigid tube with a camera an light – into the nose through the sinuses to the base of the skull. Dr. Hefner then made a small opening to expose the pituitary region for the dissection and removal of the tumor.

“Upon starting my practice at WK Bossier Health Center, one of my goals has been to offer a minimally invasive, endoscopic option for the treatment of pituitary lesions,” Dr. Hefner said. “While pituitary surgery has been successfully performed in the past at Willis-Knighton, endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery is becoming an increasingly common practice for pituitary tumors. There is no need to make a skin incision to open the skull. This offers a less invasive but more direct visualization of the pituitary lesions with a shorter recovery time.”

“We are happy to assist our neurosurgeons in providing the best and most customized care for patients at Willis Knighton,” said Dr. Lavo. “We understand that one procedure may not be best for all patients, but we are proud to be able to offer a variety of therapeutic options for treating pituitary tumors.” 

Dr. Hefner indicated that the procedure distinguishes Willis-Knighton Health System as offering a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pituitary lesions. “This is due to a strong collaboration among neurosurgery, ENT, as well as endocrinology,” he said.