Letter To City of Shreveport Employees and Retirees

Aug 18, 2022

Over the years the vast majority of City employees and retirees have chosen to receive healthcare from Willis-Knighton doctors and hospitals. To all who have chosen Willis-Knighton, “Thank you!”  To those who have not, we respect your choice. We recognize that healthcare options and choices are important, especially for retirees who traditionally require more medical care.

Willis-Knighton is the only locally owned, locally operated not-for profit health system in Shreveport. Our focus is right here in our community. You are the people we serve. We believe that, as City of Shreveport employees and retirees, you deserve quality care at a reasonable cost, no matter what doctors and hospitals you choose.  

We want to work with the City to assure that patients who want to be cared for by Willis-Knighton doctors and hospitals can make that choice without any financial penalties. We have informed the City’s health care trust fund board that we will cooperate with them to offer you those choices.

The board could offer multiple options, allowing you to make the choice that works best for you and your family without a financial penalty.  This could also assist the City in meeting their savings objectives.

Alternatively, the City could simply make no changes to your current healthcare plan for the year 2023 and initiate a formal, transparent request for proposal (RFP). This would permit all interested insurance carriers to compete fairly and equitably to provide healthcare coverage for you and your family.

Whatever the board’s decision, please know that we will continue to be your hometown hospital focused entirely on improving the health and well-being of people in this region.  It’s our mission.

Jaf Fielder, President & CEO
Willis-Knighton Health System