Willis-Knighton Opens WK Northwood Medical Plaza in Blanchard

Jan 31, 2023

Willis-Knighton Health System opens its latest suburban health clinic in north Caddo Parish on Wednesday, Feb. 1, with the addition of WK Northwood Medical Plaza, 5621 North Market, just north of I-49 in Shreveport.  The medical plaza is the latest in a new healthcare model by Willis-Knighton that combines WK Quick Care with WK Physician Network clinics and diagnostic X-ray services that can be ordered by any Willis-Knighton physician.

“These strategically placed clinics have been very well received by our patients, who welcome greater access and convenience to healthcare,” says Jaf Fielder, Willis-Knighton president and CEO.  “Willis-Knighton is proud to lead the way and bring these suburban health clinics to our community.”

Willis-Knighton opened WK Palmetto Health Park in Benton in March 2021 and WK Stockwell Medical Plaza in October 2021.

WK Northwood Medical Plaza includes WK North Shreveport Family Medicine, with David Hudson, MD, Bruce Brouillette, MD, and Molly Maranto, PA, offering primary care for new and existing patients Monday through Friday. WK Quick Care Northwood offers on-site care for minor illnesses and injuries from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily without an appointment.