Willis-Knighton Funds Response Team Van for Shreveport Police

Mar 08, 2023

The Shreveport Police Department showcased a new van for its Special Response Team yesterday. The custom built van was made possible through a donation of almost $50,000 by Willis-Knighton Health System.  

The order was made just as COVID hit the nation almost three years ago, so the van originally selected was not available for delivery. Police department staff leveraged the Willis-Knighton funds to add grant money and secure upgraded custom model.

Chief Wayne Smith acknowledged the health system for its longstanding support of public safety as he and his colleagues showed features of the van to the media and Willis-Knighton officials. Mayor Tom Arceneaux also thanked Willis-Knighton for its role as a good corporate citizen.

Jaf Fielder, Willis-Knighton Health System president and CEO, noted that it is important to protect and serve those who are protecting and serving our citizens.  “We believe that the well-being of our citizens and our police department are of prime importance, and we were pleased to step forward when we were asked by the Shreveport Police Department to donate funds for this new van for the Special Response Team,” he explained.

Previously, the police used a 20-year-old cargo van that had become unreliable. The team conducts more than 100 operations each year in the van, including high risk search and arrest warrants, hostage rescues and other specialized functions.