Rare Triplets born at Willis-Knighton South & the Center for Women’s Health

Oct 13, 2023

One in 1 million to 1 in 200 million. Those are the odds of having spontaneous triplets, the term used for naturally conceived identical triplets. Claire, Ella and Lily Codaro were born to Haley and Matthew Cordaro on Aug. 28 at Willis-Knighton South & the Center for Women’s Health.  The family also includes a 3-year-old sister, Kennedy.

The triplets’ parents were surprised when triplets were revealed during Haley’s week seven ultrasound visit.  They are the first multiples on either side of the family.   

Haley was being cared for by Lise Huddleston, MD, of WK Pierremont OB-GYN Specialists when she went into labor at 31 weeks. Although her doctor was on vacation, she had the expertise of Dr. Huddleston’s partners, Doctors Ricky Paul and Erin Gullatt, who stepped in to supervise their birth.

As preemies, the girls have been at Willis-Knighton South’s NICU since their birth, being cared for by Gerald Brent Whitton, MD, and the NICU staff.  Dr. Whitton anticipates that they will be able to go home next week. NICU babies must meet three requirements to be discharged:  each must have any breathing problem resolved, be able to maintain their temperature in their crib and be able to eat consistently.

“They have done very well. It has been a straightforward and uncomplicated stay,” Dr. Whitton says. “As we get closer to the babies’ release, we will get the parents up here and get them used to taking care of all three at the same time.”