Dr. Gerard Henry Discusses the Focal One®

This is an alternative option to observation or surveillance for men with early stage prostate cancer. It is also suitable as a salvage therapy in patients who were previously treated by surgery or radiation therapy and now have a recurrence.

This technology merges an ultrasound of the prostate with prior targeted biopsy and MRI information to develop a 3-D image and treatment plan to destroy the prostate cancer tissue. An ablation is performed using an ultrasound beam that creates a high temperature to destroy cells in the targeted areas of the prostate.  

  • No incision or scar
  • No blood loss
  • Outpatient procedure with quick recovery
  • One time procedure
  • Minimal side effects for most patients

While it is newly available in the United States, this is a treatment that has provided excellent results for more than 20 years in Europe. It is covered by many insurance plans, including Medicare. Follow-up afterward includes PSA, repeat prostate biopsy and MRI of the prostate. And, if other cells are located, a second treatment can be performed.