Fit 3D Body Scanner

WK Fitness & Wellness Centers have introduced the Fit 3D body scanner at the Willis-Knighton Fitness & Wellness Center on the campus of Willis-Knighton Medical Center (North). This innovative device scans a person’s full body, giving them data about their posture, body composition and body shape. It is especially helpful to fitness center members as they embark on a plan to lose weight or build muscle mass. Currie Godfrey, wellness center exercise specialist, indicates that Willis-Knighton is the first hospital-based wellness center in Shreveport-Bossier to offer this new technology in body assessments.

The Fit 3D body scanner is noninvasive and offers a quick, comprehensive 360 degree scan in less than one minute, Godfrey says. Members can create a personal online profile that helps them track their progress through scans. The first image is a baseline scan. The process is quick and easy. Members simply stand on the Fit 3D body scanner for 40 seconds. The scanner utilizes a camera tower that employs a safe, infrared light that can scan anyone in the range of 3 feet tall to 7 feet, 6 inches tall. Following the scan, users receive their data via email.

The body scanner takes hundreds of 3D body measurements including circumferences, lengths, widths, contours, surface areas and volumes. It analyzes body shape and posture. The results include a wellness score as well as a body composition analysis.

“Users can access their data and track the evolutions of their body and measurement improvements,” Godfrey says.  “Body scans and measurements are confidential. Users choose to allow their coach/trainer or doctor to see their measurements only, or their images as well.”

“The Fit 3D is the new standard,” Godfrey says. “It is cutting edge, but it is a device that will become the norm.”

Anyone can take advantage of this technology for $40. Members receive a discounted cost of $30. A package price of three scans is available for $75.