Heart Hybrid Suite

Willis-Knighton Heart & Vascular Institute’s Hybrid Surgical Suite is a surgical OR with an advanced X-ray imaging system. This high quality X-ray imaging system provides critical support during hybrid surgery and endovascular procedures performed in the hybrid room. Traditional fixed X-ray systems can get in the way of staff and other equipment in an operating room. Our flexible movement system provides more room around the table and gives easy access to other equipment. The Hybrid room also has state of art flat screen monitors to view, display, document and communicate information from video and other data sources during endoscopic and peripheral procedures performed during a case. Special lighting with adaptive luminance helps provide safe and consistent lighting of the surgical field.

Kathy Walker, Director of Willis-Knighton Heart & Vascular Institute explained, “We’re at a cross roads where innovative new treatment options are blurring the lines between surgical and minimally-invasive procedures. Until the past few years cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologist have worked separately. Typically each works in a different environment with different technical support, equipment and staffing needs. We’ve found that  bringing the expertise of these professionals together in one setting provides the highest quality in patient care.”