Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors

Willis-Knighton Cancer Center was selected by ASTRO (the American Society for Radiation Oncology)  to create 3 disease site specific videos.  ASTRO is a leading professional association in radiation oncology that is dedicated to improving patient care.  ASTRO has a membership of more than 10,000 members covering a range of professions including Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Therapists, Medical Dosimetrists, Medical Physicists, Radiation Oncology Nurses and Radiation Biologists.

The three Patient Education videos discuss the following disease sites: Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors, Radiation Therapy for Gynecologic Cancers and Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancers video.  Each video gives a general overview of radiation therapy and walks a patient visually through the simulation and treatment process, with explanations of everything involved.  Patients are given the opportunity to see what the equipment looks like, to be introduced to the members of the health care team treating them, learn about side effects and hear from patients.