Your Visit

Medical Oncology is the treatment of cancer, primarily with medications, such as chemotherapy. The Willis-Knighton Cancer Center offers cutting-edge therapeutic agents, including:

  • traditional IV therapies
  • monoclonal antibodies
  • oral chemotherapy
  • immune globulin therapies
  • anemia therapies
  • clinical trials

The first step in chemotherapy treatment is to meet with your physician who will create a personalized treatment plan to address your condition. Your physician will then refer you to the outpatient chemotherapy unit where a team of chemotherapy-certified nurses will administer your care. Depending on your treatment plan, you can expect to be in the unit from 30 minutes to 8 hours. For your comfort and convenience, the unit is designed with 50 individual treatment bays. Each treatment bay has a television and recliners with multiple settings for heat and massage. Blankets and pillows are provided on request to make your visit more comfortable.

We provide snacks and reading materials, but you are welcome to bring anything that will make your visit more pleasant. Please limit your visitors to no more than two. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in treatment areas.

Most patients require lab work prior to each chemo appointment to ensure that they are healthy enough to receive treatment. Many patients have a venous access port implanted prior to their first treatment to minimize the number of needle sticks. For your convenience, our nurses are able to draw blood from your port for your lab work.

Because chemotherapy treatment can be an intimidating process, we encourage all new patients and their families to attend our Chemo 101 course. This orientation session is designed to give you information, address your concerns, and help you understand what to expect. It is held Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m., by appointment. Chemo 101 includes: 

  • A tour of the Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit 
  • Introduction to some of the members of your treatment team 
  • Information about:
    • Your specific chemotherapy treatment
    • Management of side effects
    • How your family can assist in your care 
    • Support and community services 
    • Nutritional support and services

Patients who attend this class report that it helps to relieve some of the anxiety associated with cancer treatment, so we encourage all patients to take advantage of this opportunity. To schedule a Chemo 101 session, contact the Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit at (318) 212-8065.