Treatment Delivery Systems

  • First clinical Proteus®ONE compact, pencil beam scanning, intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) system in the world.
  • Two Elekta Versa HD linear accelerators with hexapod couch, OBI-CBCT. One Versa vault includes BrainLab Stereotactic radiotherapy capability with ExacTrac image guidance.
  • One Accuray Radixact System capable of both TomoHelical and TomoDirect treatment modalities

Patient Imaging Systems

  • 1 Philips Big Bore RT CT Simulator
  • 1 Philips Gemini TF PET-CT

Surface Guidance and 4D Systems

  • C-RAD Sentinel
  • C-RAD Catalyst

Patient Data Systems

  • MOSAIQ ELECTRONIC Health Information System

Treatment Planning Systems

  • Raysearch RayStation
  • Accuray Precision
  • Brainlab Elements and iPlan
  • Philips Pinnacle
  • Nucletron Oncentra MasterPlan

Brachytherapy Systems

  • 1 Elekta Nucletron HDR System with Oncentra
  • MammoSite, SAVI and Contura (Breast) Brachytherapy Applicators
  • Samsung-Neurologica BodyTom dedicated brachytherapy mobile CT with Zephyr HDR Patient Positioning and Transfer System
  • Varian VariSeed LDR planning system (prostate seeds)
  • SIR-Spheres Y-90 microspheres for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT)

Dosimetry Laboratory and Equipment

  • Vidar Dosimetry Pro Advantage
  • IBA Blue Helix Phantom
  • IBA Blue 2 Water Phantom
  • MetTech MT150 TG-51 Tank
  • TomoTherapy Cheese Phantom
  • Plastic Water Phantom(s)
  • Gammex 467 Tissue Characterization Phantom
  • ATOM® Dosimetry Verification Phantom
  • IBA Zebra multi-layer ion chamber
  • IBA Lynx PT
  • SNC Edge detector for small field dosimetry
  • Various ionization chambers (parallel plate- and thimble-type)

Patient Support Labs/QA Systems

  • Centralized, dedicated treatment planning room
  • Dedicated block fabrication room
  • Mapcheck2
  • ArcCHECK
  • Profiler2
  • MapPhan
  • TomoDose
  • Daily QA3
  • MatriXX PT
  • RadCalc 
  • DoseLab