Samsung NeuroLogica BodyTom CT Simulator

Willis-Knighton Cancer Center’s radiation oncology department incorporates Samsung-NeuroLogica’s BodyTom imaging into clinical workflows that serve our radiotherapy patients daily, particularly those undergoing brachytherapy procedures. BodyTom is the world’s first portable, full-body, 32-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner. Using BodyTom eliminates many of the challenges associated with moving patients, including risk of displacing brachytherapy applicators, while also decreasing overall procedure time. Based on observations, adding this imaging technology to our brachytherapy suite has reduced treatment times by 20 to 30 minutes per patient. Such improved efficiency, decreased patient risk, increased patient comfort and safety, and enhanced accuracy are not only vital to maintaining our status as one of the country’s leading brachytherapy practices but are also fundamental values at Willis-Knighton.