PACS (Picture Archive Computer System)

Willis Knighton was the first health system in our community to offer PACS. With PACS, images from x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, interventional, and cardiology studies are digitally stored within the hospital computer system and can be instantly viewed by physicians, no matter which WK hospital or outpatient center performed the exams. Doctors can see the images and the reports as they are created, which results in improved patient care. Our PACS system also allows access to past studies, so physicians can easily monitor ongoing conditions. Whether an image is needed in the ER, on the nursing unit, or even in surgery, it is readily available. Doctors who have the WK PACS system can even view the images in their offices. Board-certified radiologists can view the images instantly. Images can also be placed on CD to take to outside offices that do not have PACS capability. The PACS system includes a highly-sensitive security system to ensure patient privacy.