Education & Tours

Prenatal Classes

You have questions, and we have answers as you move through your journey to parenthood. We have a range of classes on-site and online to help you. Be sure to review the helpful FAQs before you register for classes.

Pregnancy & Birthing Center of Excellence

If you’re ready for some in-depth information about pregnancy and birthing, our Pregnancy & Birthing Center of Excellence is a great resource. It’s part of our Health Library and includes basic information, even a glossary to help you understand the terms used by doctors and nurses.

WK Newborn Channel

While you’re with us you can access streaming videos with parenting advice and support on The Newborn Channel. When you are admitted, your nurse will give you a guide with programs tailored to your needs. If your baby must spend time in the NICU, you can learn more about this experience on Your NICU Baby Now.


Willis-Knighton is pleased to offer you KidsHealth, great information about parenting, health and wellness. It’s a resource you can use for year, with sections written especially for parents, kids and teens.