Willis-Knighton is known for its technology, and technological support is critical for diagnosis of orthopedic conditions.

Digital 3 Tesla MRI

Willis-Knighton was the first in our region to offer the advanced imaging with the 3.0 Tesla Philips Ingenia digital MRI, placing it in the outpatient imaging center at WK Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center.  Advantages are:

  • Ideal for imaging small bones and the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, where the tiniest details are crucial to diagnosis
  • Shorter scan times
  • Stronger magnet strength than 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • Larger opening for maximum patient comfort.  

ROSA ® Robotic Knee System

The ROSA ® Robotic Knee System collects data about your knee before and during the surgery. It is a robotic assistant to your surgeon, helping to assure the custom plan created for your knee is followed. The software is very much like a global positioning system in your car. If your leg moves just a fraction of an inch during the surgery, the sensitive equipment detects the movement and adjusts to it.

This specialized system offers real time information to help surgeons as they operate, assuring precision placement of your knee implant. This is a key factor in assuring your overall comfort and outcome.  Data is continuously provided to the surgeon throughout your procedure.

Patients who have surgery with the ROSA Robotic Knee System enjoy:

  • comfortable joint, precisely placed
  • faster recovery
  • less pain
  • often, a same-day procedure with no overnight hospital stay

VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution 

This solution uses an infrared camera and optical trackers during your procedure to enhance the accuracy and precision of your knee replacement so you can start moving comfortably again.  

This VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution offers: 

  • state-of-the-art technology insights for real-time decisions 
  • greater accuracy in removal of the damaged bone  
  • enhanced surgical outcomes with increased mobility and a shortened recovery time 

As with all robotic-assisted surgery, the device does not move or operate on its own. The surgeon is in control of its movements. 

Willis-Knighton was the first in Louisiana to offer the VELYS TM Robotic-Assisted Solution for knee replacement surgeries.