When should palliative care services be ordered?
It’s never too early to start. Palliative care services often begin at the same time treatments begin.

What makes palliative care services different from just talking to my family, pastor or friends?
Your family, pastor and friends are all wonderful resources to lean on during an illness. But, especially for family, this is a difficult time. Our trained staff members:

  • understand the clinical issues you are facing
  • can help answer questions
  • offer you options
  • provide information from a different perspective

Because we have dealt with people living with chronic and progressive diseases many times, we have a wealth of experience to share with you.

We are here to give you both emotional support and objective information, so you and your family can make decisions that are right for you.

Where are palliative care services provided?
Our team will provide services when and where you need them - in your doctor’s office, the hospital or at your home.

Is this really hospice with another name?
Absolutely not! Hospice is comfort care provided at the end of life. Palliative care services can be provided at any stage of a chronic or progressive disease and are all about making life better as you face your illness. If hospice becomes appropriate at a later stage of the disease, we can help with the transition to hospice services, but the palliative care team is not a hospice team.

How is this paid for?
This is a service ordered by your physician, just as any other service, and is provided by Willis-Knighton Health System for their patients.