Welcome! Thank you for choosing Willis-Knighton for your healthcare. Each of our hospitals has warm and caring doctors, nurses and support staff, all committed to giving you quality healthcare. We want your stay to be as pleasant as possible as we work to improve your health. This website should answer many of the questions you have about your stay. If you have questions that are not covered, please ask an employee for assistance.

James K. Elrod, President & CEO, Willis-Knighton Health System
Mike Chandler, Sr. Vice-President and Administrator, Willis-Knighton Medical Center
Keri Elrod, Vice-President and Administrator, Willis-Knighton South
Sonny Moss, Vice-President and Administrator, WK Pierremont Health Center
Todd Blanchard, Vice-President and Administrator, WK Bossier Health Center
Aljay Foreman – Vice-President and Administrator  WK Rehabilitation Institute