Visitor Guide

Information and Communication About Patients

To comply with federal guidelines, staff members can only answer questions and provide updates to a designated support person or a decision-maker. The support person will act as the spokesperson and is responsible for receiving updates and relaying the information to all other family members and friends. Friends and extended family should be instructed to contact the spokesperson with questions instead of calling the ICU. When the support person leaves the ICU, he or she should leave a phone number so we can make contact if there is any significant change in your loved one’s condition.

Telephone - Wi-Fi

Telephones are provided for visitors in each waiting area. Calls can be received and local calls can be made. Long distance calls can be connected by calling collect or using a credit card. Specific waiting areas are designated for patients in specific units, floors or areas (for example, ER waiting, day surgery waiting, ICU 5 Center, critical care waiting, etc.). Visitors should wait in the appropriate area so it will be easy to find them if needed. Wireless service is available if you wish to access the internet. Like other public access locations, the guest wireless network is not secure. Take precautions when using this service because the information could be intercepted by another wireless user. A computer or wireless device, like any valuable, is at risk if not secured. Willis-Knighton does not accept responsibility for the personal equipment of patients and visitors.


Our hospitals and campuses are regularly patrolled by qualified security staff. Visitors leaving a patient care area late at night may call the operator to request security accompaniment to their vehicles.

Smoking Restrictions

Visitors should note that smoking of tobacco products or e-cigarettes is prohibited on all Willis-Knighton properties. The decision to quit smoking is an important step in becoming healthier. If you need help to quit smoking, call the WK Tobacco Treatment Clinic, (318) 212-4402.

Restroom Facilities

Handicapped restroom facilities and water fountains are available through the hospital. Ask the switchboard operator for the location nearest you. Please do not use restrooms in patient rooms.

Overnight Visitors

Overnight visitors who choose to remain in a waiting area overnight can request a blanket and pillow from a patient representative. Due to infection control concerns, visitors should leave personal pillows and blankets at home.


Privacy of patients hospitalized at Willis-Knighton Health System facilities is strictly protected by our patient confidentiality policies. It is our policy to conform with all HIPAA regulations related to patient information. Please help us protect the privacy of patients by discussing information quietly and discretely in a private area. Use of cameras is prohibited without permission from a doctor, hospital administrator or nursing supervisor.