Outpatient Renal Dialysis

Outpatient renal dialysis is located at the WK Rehabilitation Institute, where it offers an enhanced environment for patients who need this service.  We focus on patient care and emphasize patient safety, comfort and privacy.  Among the features here are:

  • 13 Private Patient Stations. These offer exceptional privacy and comfort for patients.  Each has a private television, Wi-Fi connection, and new heating/massaging hemodialysis chairs. 

  • Bariatric Patient Station.  This area includes a ceiling lift and bariatric heating, massaging, and power recline dialysis chair.

  • Braun Dialog+ dialysis machine.  These dialysis machines provide optimal treatment quality, efficiency, and clearance for patients. 

  • Aquaboss advanced water purification system. We now have one of the most advanced water purification systems available for hemodialysis.  This system generates the highest water quality with less water consumption than typical water purification systems.  Its energy saving heat disinfection system reduces the use of chemicals often used by other water purification systems.