The CardioMEMS™ Heart Failure Monitoring System

The CardioMEMS™ Heart Failure Monitoring system from Abbott Cardiovascular allows healthcare providers to monitor developing heart congestion before the patient begins to experience symptoms. This allows for early intervention, better treatment outcomes and reduction of hospital admission or ER visits for heart failure. 

How It Works

  • A miniaturized, wireless monitoring sensor is implanted in the pulmonary artery during a minimally invasive procedure.  
  • The sealed capsule contains a sensor that monitors pressure in the pulmonary artery and sends readings wirelessly to a secure website. 
  • At home, patients use a portable electronic unit and a special pillow with an antenna to take daily sensor readings.  
  • The patient turns on the electronic unit, lies on the pillow and presses a button to start the reading.  
  • Readings are transmitted; the process takes about 18 seconds.  
  • Automated alerts are sent to the healthcare provider if pressure readings fall outside of prespecified ranges. 


CaridoMEMS offer benefits to both patients and healthcare providers. 

  • Easy monitoring at home
  • Reduction in admissions 
  • Reduction in number of in-person appointments required
  • Reliable data transmitted quickly 

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CardioMEMS™ can help you avoid hospitalization. Here’s how it works.

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