Shreveport Center

Patient Stories

Audrey Robinson

For many years Audrey Robinson dealt with a never-healing contact wound on her foot due to a foot deformity.  She worked through the pain and applied bandages to the wound. Things change when she saw a new podiatrist who referred her to Dr. Grantham at the Bossier Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center. “His knowledge, compassionate care and realistic approach eliminated all issues in a very short time,” she says. “His kindness and gentle nature made me feel so comfortable and cared for. I was amazed when, almost a year later, he saw my daughter and asked about me and how my foot was doing. That doesn’t happen very often with today’s busy doctors.”

Tony Pipkin

One of Tony Pipkin’s toes had to be amputated due to complications following a medical treatment and he worried about his foot.  “I thought they were going to amputate it,” he says. “I could have lost a foot very easily.” Thanks to hyperbaric treatment with Dr. Grantham at the Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center, in Bossier City, he avoided amputation and his foot is healed and he can once again wear shoes. “Man, they got it right!” he says.

Xochia Richardson

Following surgery, a boil formed on Xochia Richardson’s abdomen and once it was drained, it left a wound that would not heal.  Several months of treatment at the Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center, her wound healed completed. “What a wonderful staff,” she says. “Friendly, caring and professional. Thank you Dr. Kitchings and nursing staff for helping me head back to my dancing.” 

Grant Frederick

Boy Scout Executive Grant Frederick’s foot injury became infected and he developed diabetic ulcers that would not heal.  “I struggled with this for almost two years,” he says.  Once he began hyperbaric treatment, he considered it “almost miraculous” because his wounds started healing quickly. “Dr. Everton was able to break the cycle for me.” 

Annie Brown

Bad circulation is a problem for Annie Brown. Due to it, she developed a wound on the outer part of her left ankle and it just wouldn’t heal.  Wound care, along with help from her home health worker, is keeping her wound from breaking down even more. “They have been very helpful,” she says.

Tommye Byford

Tommy Byford fought breast cancer and won. Following her treatment, an irritated area under her right arm would not heal. Now, completely healed, she’s healthy and strong enough to continue her love of making homemade jelly to selling it at local festivals and fairs.  “WK Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center in Shreveport was a God-send for me. After hurting for two years, I am so happy my radiation oncologist referred me here.”

Carolyn Lout

Following heart surgery, Carolyn Lout lost all circulation to her feet.. She was wheelchair-bound for a year and a half and her doctors were at a loss. They told her “If anybody can get you walking, Dr. Kitchings can.”  Her feet were riddled with sores so she went for wound care.  It took some time and 56 treatments, but her feet are now healed.  “I don’t know what I would have done without him,” she says.

Ashley Strange

A recurring issue for Ashley Strange is a wound in the middle of her back. Because she’s wheelchair-bound, the problem is a persistent one.  Now she has some relief.  “I’m very pleased with the help I’ve received from the wound care center and Dr. Everton,” she says.