Stay connected in the hospital with free Wi-Fi for patients and visitors. Patients and visitors can access the internet using their wireless-equipped laptops and other wireless devices to browse internet, check e-mail, and chat with friends and family. The following frequently asked questions will help you get connected to our free wireless Internet service.


What Is WK Wi-Fi?
This free wireless Internet connection is provided for the convenience of patients and their families who wish to have Internet access while in the hospital.

Is it available at all WK hospitals? 
Wi-Fi is available at all WK hospitals.

What kind of equipment do I need?
To access WK Wi-Fi, you need a laptop or wireless device equipped with a 802.11 b or g compatible wireless access card. Your device must be configured DHCP and you cannot have a proxy configured on your browser. There is no guarantee that your wireless device will work with the guest wireless network.

Does the hospital have computers and technicians available to help me connect? 
No. You must bring your own computer or wireless device and make any needed changes to your computer’s network setting and/or hardware configuration yourself. Details on configuring your portal device for a wireless network may vary, depending on the make and model of your computer, operating system and wireless card. Please refer to your device’s documentation for specifics about how to configure or troubleshoot your wireless connection.  General questions can be answered Monday - Friday by calling (318) 212-4765, but no technical support will be provided.

How do I connect? 
In most cases you should be able to connect with the wireless network by simply scanning for and connecting to “WK Public Wi-Fi” and opening up a browser. You must accept the Terms of Use and register by typing in your name before can begin using the Internet.

Can I print from the wireless network? 
No. Printers are not available for the WK Wi-Fi guest wireless network.

Is the wireless network secure? 
Like most public access Internet locations, the Willis-Knighton guest wireless network is not secure. Please take precautions when using this service because information being transmitted could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. This is a risk of using unsecured Internet service. 

Please Note: A computer or wireless device, like any valuable, is at risk when not secured. The health system assumes no responsibility for the safety and security of a patient’s or visitor’s personal equipment.