Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)


Lymphedema Management Program

Lymphedema is the swelling of a body part caused by the abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid. This swelling is most often in the extremities but can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen or chest areas.

The WK Lymphedema program is designed to treat patients with primary or secondary lymphedema that can lead to pain, limited range of motion, disability, cosmetic deformities and poor self-image. Left untreated, lymphedema can result in chronic low-grade inflammation, cellulitis, and fibrosclerotic changes in the skin of the involved area as well as other serious complications.

Our certified lymphatic therapists are trained in complete decongestive physiotherapy. This non-invasive conservative treatment is effective in reducing the volume of the swollen area.

Complete decongestive physiotherapy protocol consists of:

  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Skin care
  • Multi-layered bandaging
  • Exercises

Once the swelling has been reduced with treatment, patients are fitted with a compression garment and instructed in a personalized home program. This program includes a regime of bandaging techniques, massage and exercises to maintain the improvements.

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